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Welcome to Cowsmopolitan Country

Welcome to Cowsmopolitan Country, we are a MUCKBOOT ™ Dealer, & also carry Livestock Show Supplies – clippers, blades, blowers, brushes, livestock shampoo, sprays, glues, oils & much MORE! Our MuckBoots are online here, check back for all of our products on-line soon. We also stock Bonnie Mohr prints and can look after your awards or gifts for a show or event, you can order your promotional gear & embroidery from us, (jackets, t-shirts, hats & more). We also provide blade sharpening & clipper repair, and carry clipper parts for aesculap, sunbeam & heiniger clippers.

A bit more about MUCKBOOTS ™

Why Muck Boots?

Rubber boots by the Original Muck Boot Company ™ are 100% waterproof boots that provide total protection in wet and muddy conditions. the natural rubber sole and base are completely resistant to fertilizers, household cleaners, salt water, oily and muddy water. The boots are completely waterproof all the way to the top.

Muck combines the waterproof benefits of natural rubber along with the unique advantages of CR neoprene flex-foam. The lower portions of a Muck Boot are made with a vulcanization process that binds the molded rubber pieces together. This forms an extremely durable rubber boot sole and shell that will not cold-crack. So the CR Foam provides the same waterproof protection as a rubber boot without the added weight and rigid, inflexible performance of a full rubber boot.

To clean your Muck Boots, just hose them off. Unlike a leather shoe, the bootie and rubber boot construction is easy to clean. Muck Boots can be hosed off or washed with detergent. Muck Boots are resistant to farm fertilizers, cleaners, grass stains, mold, mud and muck.

Rubber boots and shoes for all uses

The Original Muck Boot Company ™ makes waterproof rubber boots and shoes for many uses. There are boots designed specifically for equine use, farm work, hunting, fishing, gardening and outdoor recreation.